Fiverr Revisited

solidgoldextra fiverr journey

About a year ago I published my first blog post on Solidgoldextra. In that post, I wrote about my then “new” Fiverr experience. I also mentioned my hopes as I got started on the platform. Its been a year since that last post, although it almost feels like it was published a week ago (not).

For those who don’t know, Fiverr is an online marketplace, where services and digital services can be bought and sold. Prices begin at $5, and can range up to $1000 or even more. A variety of services can be found on this marketplace; from graphic design, to video editing, etc.

Fiverr progress for Solidgoldextra

After my first post, titled Solidgoldextra Goes To Fiverr, I made some good progress on the Fiverr marketplace. I even managed to achieve Level 2 seller status; and quite quickly, too.

Since then, I’ve been busy. Delivering gigs (on Fiverr), helping customers and getting involved in some interesting projects.

To say that I’ve learned a lot is an understatement. I’ve learned a ton of a lot: what to do, how to approach customer service, what works and what doesn’t.

Fiverr skills and expertise

Funny thing, but I’ve just realised that most of the skills and expertise I’ve acquired over the past year can be directly attributed to Fiverr!

Here’s the other funny thing: I would not have realised I had learned so much, if I didn’t take the time to write this very post! Talk about a landmark realisation!

I have to admit that blogging has not been one of my strong points this past year. I tried to do more writing, but just couldn’t get into it that much. I ended up leaving my half finished blog posts on the “shelf”, as I got more involved with customer delivery and the gig economy.

Perhaps if I had done more writing, I would have seen early on how much I have developed as a service provider, and the kinds of new things I was learning.

Even better, I would have been able to document my Fiverr journey.

That’s another reason why blogging or writing helps..documentation.

Better late than never, though.

solidgoldextra fiverr launchSolidgoldextra will blog about Fiverr

Over the next 12 months, I plan to write more. I think it will help my customers and prepare them for successful projects. It will also give me the opportunity to write about my own experiences, and lessons learned; and of course allow me to “rant” every so often.

Occasionally, I’ll put up a brief tutorial, or a detailed article, exploring a more technical area of interest.

When I first had the idea to start a “solidgoldextra” blog, I had 3 main things in mind:

1. Provide information about my services

2. Help customers and the general public with questions related to my service

3. Offer good tutorials and guides

That was a good idea at the time; however, number 1 was too vague (at the time), number 2 was semi ok, and number 3 was a “lifeless duck”.

We’re inundated with a lot of information nowadays. Most of them asking (almost begging) us to buy this or that. Add to that the deluge of practically useless, or even worse, incorrect tutorials online, and you can begin to see why I had to re-think my objectives for a blog.

This was my excuse for not writing more:

  • Nobody (really) cared to read about my Fiverr services
  • Would customers read my blog?
  • Who cares for another useless tutorial?

All valid to some extent; but all excuses in every respect.

Fiverr services and customers

People would and do care about my Fiverr services. I’ve delivered nearly 700 separate orders on that platform (in total), and I’ve literally helped others build successful online businesses.

Essentially, strangers were ready to part with their hard earned cash, in exchange for my help. Caring doesn’t get any better than that.

Fiverr customers would definitely read my blog. For sure. I’ve even had new customers search me out online, and begin following me on Twitter and Facebook.

If they knew I had a blog, they would read it; especially if I provided them with useful content.

Tutorials, however, are a dime a dozen. No point in adding more clutter, unless one is able to write a  useful guide like Yoast did with his WordPress SEO ultimate guide, or carry out a deep dive like Backlinko does with his Definitive Keyword research guide.

In essence, my concerns were valid, but misplaced. Moreover, 12 months have passed, and a lot has changed since back then.

That is why I’m now looking to renew the Solidgoldextra content machine.

new fiverr focus for solidgoldextra

Solidgoldextra Fiverr focus and blog

Back when I posted my first article, I had no idea if Fiverr would work or not. Today, I can say that the Fiverr experiment is a success, and growing.

Back when I posted my first article, I wasn’t sure what to write, or how to say it. Today, I can sit and write 1200 words and counting into a single blog post (this one), based on my daily experience as a Fiverr seller.

Much has changed, and I’m grateful to Fiverr, and my customers.

Fiverr reputation management

Another reason why I believe it is time to start writing again, is that Fiverr gets such flack online. Sometimes undeservedly.

See this post, for example:—why-fiverr-sucks.aspx

Now, every author is entitled to their opinion, and I’m not saying they are right or wrong. I’m also entitled to my opinion, and I believe its time to use it.

Time to speak up, and let others find freedom in their talents.

Solidgoldextra content plan

To begin with, I will be going back to edit my older posts (there’s only a few of them). Then I plan to put together a content schedule, based on Neil Patel’s excellent content marketing guide here. Can you now see why we don’t need yet another tutorial?

My plan is to split my writing into 3 main areas of concern:

a) The solidgoldextra gig blog

Articles about my Fiverr journey will remain on this blog. I feel this is an important thing to do; and I would even go as far as considering it to be a public service. Lots of people are looking for a way to supplement their income, and Fiverr offers that opportunity. Fact.

I will also use this blog to inform, educate and advice my customers. Again, another important point. Some of the services I provide need active engagement from both buyer and seller. Think of it as more of a collaboration than a hire. This blog can be a touch stone to keep everyone on the same page (no pun intended).

b) The solidgoldextra content hub

In addition to resuming blogging here, I am opening up This will be my online hub. Articles, reviews, guides, studies, and more. Not to mention the blatant affiliate link or two :-)

c) The solidgoldextra analytics clinic will focus on my Google Analytics experiments. I will also use it as a platform to explore SEO best practice (Google style) and conversion optimization.

Of course my Fiverr gigs are still available.

These are all areas that I’ve worked hard on all year, and I feel its time I gave something valuable back to my customers and friends (anyone reading this post).

Fiverr 360 mind shift

Fiverr provided a huge mind shift for me. It was like a 360 degree turn around. The marketplace showed me the possibilities in the online economy. It is not perfect; but nothing is. It all depends on one’s objectives and expectations.

Looking back, I should have done more writing here. Even if it was just a way of recording my journey. But I have no regrets; the past year has been a blast. I’ve worked hard, and I’ve learned a lot. Fiverr has been at the epicenter of it all.

Nice one.

Post to Google+ Pages Direct From Buffer


You can now post to Google+ from Buffer!

Yes. I actually cheered, when I got this email from the great guys at Buffer (@buffer). What does this mean? How does it work, and Why does it matter?

Great questions, which all deserve their own posts. I plan to create one for each of them, but for now, let’s get an exec summary.

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Solidgoldextra Becomes a Level 2 Seller on Fiverr


Its not been that long ago that I spoke about starting out on Fiverr, in my post, solidgoldextra goes to fiverr! Since that time, I have had some success on the platform. I’ve moved from a fiverr nobody, to Level 1 Seller. I managed this in 14 days or so, although, some people have done it in less.

Solidgoldextra Makes Level 2 Seller on Fiverr

Well, today, I achieved Level 2 Seller!

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Solidgoldextra goes to Fiverr

solidgoldextra goes to Fiverr

Fiverr is changing the way we view service delivery

Fiverr is an outsourcing phenomenon. Basically, it’s a market place for freelance buyers and sellers. I use the term freelance loosely, because businesses can use it too.

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